Amara Sanctuary

Seattle, Washington

PUBLIC47 designed Phase 3 on the Amara campus, the Harnish House — a new sanctuary building for on-site, emergency, transitional care. The building is currently being built by Absher Construction.


“PUBLIC47 helped us salvage a building that we thought was useless. Now, we’re back to have them help with Phase III of our campus plan. They are very talented, they are easy to work with, and they are humble.  In short, a delightful combination of skills and presence–and a tremendous partner. “

John Morse, Executive Director of Amara

“As an adult, I loved the charm of the old Beacon Hill home that was previously used for the sanctuary. Now that I have volunteered at the new sanctuary, I can see that the kids love the space. They just seem so energized by it.”

Veteran Amara Sanctuary volunteer