Piston + Ring Building Adaptive Re-Use

Seattle, Washington
Project Architects: Scot Carr and Kevin Tabari

The developer of the Piston + Ring renovation forfeited significant developable building area by preserving this 1920’s auto-row garage, but several compensating opportunities emerged from this bold decision. The building could support additional floor area without compromising the voluminous quality of the heavy-timber spanned main floor space. A loft was inserted between the middle pair of trusses. Below street level, a mezzanine floor was added above what was originally a double-height basement. Subtraction was as important as addition in maximizing the utility of the existing building. The roof of the rear bay was removed, creating a mid-block courtyard, providing daylight for the new lower level, and allowing for ample cross-ventilation, a feature which ultimately convinced the restaurant tenant to forgo air-conditioning.

“The renovated Piston and Ring Building stands as a shrine to urbanity in shades of concrete and warm wood, with windows, which extend from the floor to the soaring ceiling, overlooking La Spiga’s broad deck.”
Seattle Met

A project of Weinstein A|U