The Shea Mixed-Use Building

Seattle, Washington

The corner of 19th and Mercer in Seattle’s Capitol Hill is an emerging focal point for the neighborhood.  This 33-unit mixed-use building energizes the prominent and previously underutilized northwest corner of the intersection, extending the pedestrian-friendly commercial uses from the north to the corner. Long-time Capitol Hill residents, the owners had a vested interest in delicately integrating the development into the existing fabric.  The building is 5-stories along the commercial corridor to the east, but diminishes in scale along the more residential western edge. This is due to a 17’ grade change, as well as a step down in building massing to maintain clearance from existing high-volt power lines.  The building is clad in brick with carved out areas for commercial frontage and residential lobbies, which are rendered in wood storefront and siding.  Floor to ceiling sliding glass walls allow a neighborhood pizza parlor to commingle with sidewalk activity.


Awards & Press
2019 Seattle AIA Merit Award