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We like manhole covers.


As everyday elements, they perform a simple task in the city infrastructure. Their making is informed by their function: reliefs in the castings help with slip resistance, their shape ensures they do not fall in during removal and replacement, and their weight discourages theft. We also find beauty in these utilitarian objects. Inherently durable and strong, they communicate craft, materiality, and pride in workmanship. They are often made by local foundries, and the signature of their molds is visible in their castings. Manholes accept the abuse of time gracefully.


As architects, we strive to design places that are similarly pragmatic, elegant, and enduring. We seek to create buildings
that are rigorously functional while being inspiring and beautiful.


PUBLIC47 is always several steps ahead, anticipating what we need before we recognize we need it. Their designs are fresh, forward thinking and well thought through. They are highly skilled at articulating and defending their designs to build consensus and agreement among multiple stakeholders.

Rob LarsenTrinity Real Estate


We are an architecture firm based in Seattle, Washington. The name PUBLIC47 is a reference to our interest in site specificity—Seattle is located on the 47th parallel—and a belief that architecture of all scales should have a positive influence on its surroundings. Buildings shape us.

Our goal is to design pragmatic, elegant, and enduring buildings that enrich the lives of inhabitants and the greater community. We view every project as a new challenge. We approach each architectural project with a focus on our clients, their needs, and the site. Every solution is custom tailored to create space that is not only personalized and functional, but also beautiful and sustainable. We respect the realities of construction, while embracing the potential of materials as we meticulously detail our projects with the intent that they last for generations.

The partners at PUBLIC47 – Scot Carr, Jeff Boone, and Kevin Tabari – have enjoyed working with a diverse range of clients on everything from single-family residences to public, institutional, and multi-family developments. Before launching PUBLIC47, they worked together for almost eight years at the same firm, where they emerged as design leaders. Their projects have earned over 30 local, regional, and national design awards.

Jeff Boone

Founding Partner | AIA

Scot Carr

Founding Partner | AIA

Kevin Tabari

Founding Partner | AIA

Hayley Buckbee

Design Professional | Associate

Jon Kwon

Architect | Associate

Steven Jackson

Architect | Associate

Mike Laurencelle

Architect | Associate

Martha Cox

Architect | Associate

Jonathan Zegers


Erica Munson


Taylor Kuehm


Cameron Riffle

Design Professional


The Partners of PUBLIC47 have played a significant role on numerous award-winning projects. We celebrate these awards as recognition of the successful collaborations among numerous individuals — from the members of the full design team to the client and contractor teams.

2023 AIA Energy in Design Award

2021 AIA NW + Pacific Region Citation Award

2021 AIA 2030 Award

2020 AIA 2030 Award

2019 AIA Merit Award

2018 AIA NW Pacific Region Citation Award

2017 AIA Honor Award Honorable Mention

2016 AIA Merit Award

2015 AIA Home of Distinction

2015 Preserving Neighborhood Character Award

2015 2nd Place, People’s Choice Awards

2015 AIA Award of Honor

2011 AIA Merit Award

2011 AIA Honor Award of Citation

2011 AIA Honor Award of Merit

2011 AIA Honor Award

2010 AIA Honor Award of Commendation

2009 Business Week Award

2009 AIA Award of Commendation

2003 AIA Honor Award Citation