Jackson St Mixed-Use

Seattle, Washington

Situated in a pedestrian zone and within a 10-minute bike ride to downtown, this project creates a pedestrian-friendly mixed-use building that responds to site-specific conditions and local context. The building features three container-like forms, oriented towards the north, south, and west, maximizing views and activating each street-facing façade. To overcome challenges posed by sloping topography and high-voltage power-lines along S Jackson St. and 16th Ave S. the lower three stories of the building extend out to the property lines, while integrating balconies, an expanded sidewalk zone, and overhead weather protection. The ground floor houses commercial space along the S Jackson Street frontage, with the residential lobby located adjacent to the commercial terrace along 16th Avenue. This project will provide 37 generously-sized residential units and includes a large proportion of family-sized apartments. The goal is to create a harmonious and inviting environment that contributes to the sustainable growth of the Central district.