Tacoma II Apartments

Tacoma, Washington

Situated between the Hilltop neighborhood and downtown, this 8-story apartment building overlooks Tacoma’s Commencement Bay with views of Mount Rainier beyond. Inspired by the visual connection to the dynamic industrial bay and the transition to nature’s rugged shoreline, Tacoma II draws on the colors of sea glass and textures of the surrounding environment.

Featuring 376 units, the building spans nearly one city block. The massing is cohesive yet dynamic using offset windows and subtle color shift mixed with pops of color on the balconies. At the street level, the facade is articulated with glass storefront, welcoming entry portals, and landscape to carefully engage the Fawcett Avenue. Upon entry, step into a series of tranquil viewing courtyards that perforate the continuous block and allow light into the core of the building.

The project features communal spaces where residents can come together to connect, collaborate, and celebrate. Future tenants will enjoy comfortable, light filled homes paired with a multitude of modern amenities including fitness, co-working, speak easy, theater, fitness, and a plant and dog spa. Level 8’s roof deck offers a series of lounge spaces ranging from cozy outdoor rooms to expansive party areas. This building is unique to the urban fabric of Tacoma.