Mass Timber Projects

Mass Timber is a category renewable resources made of wood such as Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), Dowel Laminated Timber (DLT), Mass Plywood and Glulam. PUBLIC47 is a leader in the Mass Timber industry in the region with one built project and multiple under development.  Mass Timber has a significantly smaller carbon footprint when compared to concrete or steel as well as significantly faster construction times.  PUBLIC47 is excited to continue to push the envelope in construction industry practices to improve the carbon footprint of our built environment and find opportunities for clients to use innovative strategies to create stand-out projects.

The recently completed office building on Mercer Island (ESP Office) is for a family foundation.  CLT is utilized as the floor and roof assembly, as well as for the central stair treads.

The NW Market project is a 6-story mixed-use project that is permitted and ready to start construction.  The project utilizes a hybrid structural system with CLT floors and wood stick frame bearing walls.

The Roosevelt Manor project is an 8-story mixed-use project that is wrapping up permitting.  The project utilizes a similar hybrid structural system as NW Market.  One of the benefits of CLT is the thinner floor assembly it affords.  This allowed the project to fit 8 stories into a 75’ zoning height limit, gaining a significant amount of additional units for the owner.

PUBLIC47 continues to study additional project opportunities for other clients and sites and is currently studying some exciting opportunities such as a 10-story Living Building Mass Timber project.